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Open Jams pair an expert with enthusiasts

Jam sessions are a chance for musicians of all skill and professional levels to play together. They are friendly and non-competitive. It's not about how talented you are - it's about making music and having fun, collectively. Newbies and intermediate players will feel comfortable in the relaxed, yet inspired atmosphere. There are no reservations necessary and you can use our instruments. If you're feeling shy, just hang out and listen at no charge.

Call 212 626 8472 x2 to learn more.

THE NEWBIE JAM: Saturdays, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The multi-talented Jimmy Fontanez facilitates a jam session for the newer jammer. If you don't have much experience playing with others, or just like playing in a more structured situation, the Newbie Jam is a great option. Make a little music in a supportive environment and pick up useful wisdom from a seasoned gigging pro. Jump on board for only $10 for Jam members, $20 for non-members.

THE PLAYLIST: Saturdays, 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Hosted by Robert Brandow, The Playlist ($20 for Jam members, $40 for nonmembers) is our all-new Saturday session. From 4 to 7 pm we’ll rock/pop/funk/blues out to 25 or so popular songs - across various decades and genres. We’ll keep the last hour open for whatever else people want to try. 5-6 new songs will be introduced weekly (and a few retired) so that the repertoire stays fresh. Feel free to make suggestions. For this week's edition of The Playlist, it’ll be...

Born On The Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 

Evil Ways (Santana)

Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett)

Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)

Strange Brew (Cream)

Can't You See (The Marshall Tucker Band)

Cocaine (Eric Clapton)

Franklin's Tower (The Grateful Dead)

Down By The River (Neil Young)

I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles)

Listen To The Music (The Doobie Brothers)

I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley)

Hey Jealousy (Gin Blossoms)

The Thrill Is Gone (BB King) 

Miss You (The Rolling Stones)

Oye Como Va (Santana)

Purple Rain (Prince)

People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)

Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 

White Room (Cream)

Mary Jane's Last Dance (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Mercury Blues (Jim Thackery)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)

Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones)


1. If you want to participate, you have to be ready to play the songs - not commit them to memory, but play/sing them correctly, in the original key. We aren't going to stop to teach you the songs. It's better to have people sit out rather than mangle a song. Yes, this requires a little preparation, but it makes the music better, and we get to make more of it in less time. And, very importantly: we don’t turn off good players by making crappy music.

2. The Facilitator is in charge. He or she will call the tunes, and give instructions re: volume, tempo, rhythm, etc. You don't have to agree, but you have to abide. The Facilitator will also report to the Boss if anyone isn't cutting it, is disagreeable, etc.

3. No food or beverages (except bottled water) are allowed in the studios, but you can eat/drink in the Lounge area. No alcohol is permitted on the premises (as we're inside a school).

4. Play thoughtfully, offering what the song needs - not what your ego needs. Sometimes, a song needs nothing.

5. Unless you're a masterful musician, take an occasional lesson, practice new techniques and material  regularly, listen to criticism with an open mind and your ego in check. If you refuse to grow, people will quickly grow tired of playing with you.

6. Negativity must be checked at the door. It poisons the atmosphere turning off customers just as quickly as incompetent or thoughtless musicianship. Constructive, respectfully-delivered suggestions are welcome - whining is not. We're making music after all - if that's not joyful, you're doing it wrong!

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