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Should you join The Jam?

If you answer YES to one or more of the following, then you should join ASAP!

  1. I was in a band in high school or college - until career/family/life took priority.
  2. I’ve been strumming my guitar only for the benefit of my dog.
  3. I'm a chronic shower singer.
  4. I’m a pro or semi-pro who wants to occasionally play just for fun - not work.
  5. I’m a songwriter who'd like to hear what things would sound like with a band.
  6. I sing karaoke but want to perform longer, more often, at different venues.
  7. I want to live out my rockstar (and other-star) fantasies.
  8. I’d like to feel the sense of camaraderie and achievement that comes from being in a band.
  9. I want to experience the joy that only comes from making music with real people in real time.


Here are just a few of the benefits members of The Jam enjoy:
  1. Use of "house" instruments and effects at the Jam and at Jam events;
  2. Matchmaking services to help you find like-minded musicians;
  3. The opportunity to perform at Jam showcases and other events;
  4. Reduced-price open jam sessions (33-40% discount);
  5. Free admission to all Jam events (including The Jammy Awards);
  6. Free registration PLUS 20% off lessons, and masterclasses at The Collective;
  7. VIP discount at Guitar Center Manhattan;
  8. 10% off voice lessons from Liz Caplan Vocal Studios; and
  9. The pride of belonging to a supportive community that believes in the transformational power of music, and helps spread the joy of music-making to disadvantaged kids and the larger community.

Two Payment Options

Monthly: $34.95 + tax by recurring credit/debit card
Annual: $349.95 + tax

Call 212.626.8472 to join today!


Guitars: Fender Strat (maple board), Epiphone Les Paul, Squire Strat (rosewood board), Music Man Silhouette Special), Squire Avril Lavigne Telecaster), more. 

: Ibanez ATK 5 string, Squire Jazz Bass, Ibanez Roadstar II, Soundgear SR400, Squire Broco (short-scale)

: CryBaby Classic Wah, DOD OctoPlus, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Zoom Mr. Scary multi-effects, Tech 21 Double Drive, more

Percussion: Congas, bongos, djembes, tambourines, timbales, shakers, more

Other: picks, sticks, earplugs, tuners, capos, slides, Planet Waves Custom Cables


Few things make us happier than finding playing situations for our members. Whether it's a casual twice-monthly jazz get-together or a full-blown Kiss tribute (in makeup), we'll do our best to make it happen, through postings on our website and in our weekly email Bulletin, database searches, and good old-fashioned personal matchmaking. By attending our showcase events, you'll meet lots of interesting people and become part of the scene. Members NEVER pay to attend our gigs.


For about half of our members, nothing beats the thrill of playing live. And that thrill is enhanced when someone else rents the van, procures the backline gear, does all the heavy lifting, takes care of the soundman and doorpeople, keeps everything on schedule, and provides all the amenities (guitar stands, extra cables, a spare amp) that make gigging as worry-free as humanly possible - so that you're free to concentrate on having fun.


The Jam NYC proudly supports a number of events and organizations that create opportunities for visually-impaired musicians (Visionary Media), promote recreational music-making (The Human Karaoke Experience), restore funding to public school arts programs (Taste of Tribeca Festival), put instruments in the hands of schoolkids who couldn't otherwise afford them (Little Kids Rock). We believe that the more people that are making music and art, the better the world will be. And we put this belief into action.

Call: 212.626.8472 | Email | Visit Us: 541 Sixth Ave, 3rd Fl, NYC | View press kit

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